CREA CREA is a National Research Organization supervised by the Italian Ministry of Agricultural, Food and Forestry Policies, with competence in agriculture, agroindustry, food, fishery and forestry. It is composed of 19 Research Centers, 30 units (3 involved in this project: CRA-ABP, CRA-VIC, CRA-ENO) and about 50 experimental farms throughout the nation.

Project management and coordination (WP1) and leader of WP3 (soil chemical and physical features). It is also involved in WP2 (grapevine status), WP4 (soil ecology) and WP6 (best practices dissemination). The group will ensure relationships with the European Innovation Partnership (EIP) and with the national best practices transfer platform AGRITRANSFER.


Centro di Ricerca per l’Agrobiologia e la Pedologia
Piazza M. d’Azeglio, 30
50121 Firenze

BSA Bordeaux Sciences Agro is a public higher education and research institute in agronomy. The students acquire the agricultural engineer degree (Master level). The department of plant sciences includes the research group of associate professor Maarten van Helden, focused on Agro-Ecology and involved in several national and international projects.

The group is leader of WP4 (Soil Ecosystem services and providers), and it is also involved in WP2 (grapevine monitoring), WP3 (soil chemical and physical features) and WP6(dissemination activities). The group also coordinates the French involvement in the project and its activities in the French experimental fields.

Dr. Brice Giffard
Phone: +33557350762

Bordeaux Sciences Agro,
1, cours du Général de Gaulle
CS 40201 - 33175 Gradignan Cedex,

University of Cukurova The faculty of Agriculture of the University of Cukurova is a research and education organization, offering four-year undergraduate programs leading to BS in Agriculture. It is composed of 10 Departments, including 3 involved in the project: the Horticulture Department, the Soil Science Department and the Farm Structure and Irrigation Department.

This working group is involved in WP2 (grapevine monitoring), WP3 (soil chemical and physical features), WP4 (soil ecology) and WP6 (dissemination activities). Moreover the group coordinates the field activity on the table grape vineyards in Mersin and Adana.

Phone: +903223386689

Çukurova Üniversitesi Rektörlüğü,
01330 Balcalı,

University of Sweden Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences is the only national agricultural university in Sweden, employing 3000 people. It is responsible for developing learning and expertise in biological resources and biological production, covering agriculture, forestry, food industry, environmental questions, veterinary medicine and biotechnology.

This group will coordinate Swedish implications and project activities in Sweden. Is affiliated to WP3 (soil chemical and physical features), WP4 (soil ecology), WP5 (grapevine root zone ecology) and WP6 (dissemination activities).

Phone: +4618671222

Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences,
Almas Allé 10,
750 07 Uppsala,

University of La Rioja The University of La Rioja is the largest Spanish University center dedicated to vine-growing and wine-making. The teaching programs include the Agricultural Engineering Bachelor and the graduate master program for Viticulture and Enology. The Televitis group involved in the project conducts research on precision viticulture and new technologies.

This working group is leader of WP2 (grapevine monitoring) and is also involved in the dissemination activities (WP6). The group coordinates and manages the project activities in the Spanish experimental farm.

Phone: +941299741

Universidad de la Rioja,
Avda. de la Paz, 93,
26006 Logroño,
La Rioja,

GDAR Alata Horticultural Research Station (ALATA BKAI) has been carrying out training, research and production activities since 1967, under the authorities of Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs. ALATA BKAI is subdivided in 8 departments, covering most of the agricultural topics. The “Department of Growing Techniques” is involved in this project.

The working group is involved in the grapevine monitoring activities (WP2) and in WP6 (dissemination activities). The research group, togheter with the University of Cukurova, coordinates and manages the field activities and the training workshops in Turkey.

Mehmet Erdem KİRAZ
Phone: 0903245180052

General Directorate of Agricultural Resaerch and Policy (GDAR)
Istanbul Yolu Uzeri,
Tarim Kampusu
06171 Yenimahalle/Ankara

Agricultural Institute of Slovenia The Agricultural Institute of Slovenia (KIS) is the leading public research institution in Slovenia committed to sustainable agriculture and responsible for knowledge transfer to end users. Structured in 9 departments, it covers basic and applied research by expert projects, advice to farmers, and control of quality of agricultural products.

This research group is leader of WP5 (grapevine rhizosphere ecology) and is involved in the WP4 (soil ecology) and WP6 (dissemination activities). The group coordinates and manages the project activities in Slovenian experimental farm.

Phone: +38612805196

Agricultural institute of Slovenia,
Hacquetova 17,
SI-1000 Ljubljana,

vitinnov ADERA associates universities, research centers, engineers and firms. It includes around twenty "technology transfer units", created as an answer to the technological and innovative needs of companies. Vitinnov is the transfer unit dedicated to wine-growing and is closely related to the research teams of Bordeaux Sciences Agro.

Vitinnov is leader of the dissemination activities (WP6). It is also involved in WP2 (grapevine monitoring), WP3 (soil chemical and physical features), WP4 (soil ecology) and WP5 (rhizosphere) by monitoring the French experimental sites in collaboration with Bordeaux Sciences Agro.

Phone: +33557350765

1, cours du Général de Gaulle,
33170 Gradignan,